Exclusive Support for Union Street Charter
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Exclusive Support for Union Street Charter

Union Street Charter Donations are Easy!

Dear Parents, Friends, and Supporters:

Each year we collect money via direct donations from parents, grandparents, family, and friends of USC students.

We have so much to be proud of at our little Union Street Charter School– CA Distinguished school, new playground equipment, exemplary arts award— and part of what makes that all possible is the flexibility our staff has to get the resources they need– this is achieved through this giving program. Every family does what they can to support the school and create the wonderful celebration of education we have at USC.

Our fund raising philosophy is to be respectful of your time and to avoid using your children as our fund raising sales force. We do not do yard sales, candy sales, magazine sales, or other fund raising events that require hours and hours of parent time or require students to pitch merchandise to friends, relatives, and neighbors.

Your affable cheerleader, pom-poms in the air,

John Schmidt

PS – Don’t hesitate to send this to family and friends!